"Christmas Morning"

Vanessa - delving deep into the
"Elves Bag!"
"Wakie ~ Wakie"

Was the call we all expected - but not quite so early,
we had only been in bed about an hour *grins*

Therefore, another rule was made, "we must not be
woken until it was at least 6 am!"

To help us get more sleep, Linda prepared special bags
from Santa's Elves - full of lovely
Placed apart from the tree and gifts - these goodies to
be opened and enjoyed before waking us.

A clock in their rooms also helped :-)
"Way To Go - YAY"
If we got up as soon as we heard "Wakie Wakie"
we could even grab a coffee to help us begin
the day!

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  Midi - Have yourself a merry little christmas

Laurie - 2003
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