Miranda - 1991
"Fun at Christmas"

We always managed to find a bright side to all the
"problems" we invariably encountered.

Even if we didn't see the funny side immediately!

No year was ever spoilt ... problems just made the
year stand out *Grins*

Like the year of our disastrous trip, or the year of
the flooded ceiling.

Even the year I fractured my wrist - I came in for
some teasing that year!


These tales and more can be found by using
the arrows below!

Hopefully, as you join us in our various events, you
will enjoy them ... good or bad *grins*

And as you will find, there is always a mixture of
good and bad ...

... after all, that's what life is about.

It is not what does happen but how you handle it that

So come on - be brave - click the below!


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