Happy Easter at Kelso
 "Birthday Day Girl"


Aldonna's 3rd Birthday! ... 1981
It was a very cold Easter that year - but the fun and games
we had kept us warm.

By the time it was tea time darkness arrived and the lamps
were lit - no power for the tents in those days
Gran got them warmed up blowing whistles & marching
along waving balloons :-)

"Have a big bite Vanessa" - say's Aldonna - whilst
Christne thinks ooh!

The tent we had then could not accommodate all,
but Aldonna insisted her Poppa come and
stand near her :-)

Then the bonfire was lit and we sat around, rugged
up well, and settled in for story telling and ....

.... toasting marshmallows.
The little ones were "over the moon" about being
allowed to stay up late!
You are visiting the birthday girl!


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