Happy Easter at Kelso

Miranda - not yet 10 years old!

Miranda had only three things on her mind during her
visit with us, to see how many easter eggs she could
find and eat!
To sit in the van or annexe - she loved it!
And to have fun with the Park Owners, Jean & Graham
As you can see in the first photo she was achieving the
first one, and I have placed some snaps of the van
here ... just for her!

Looking towards Gran's raised bed, on the right with the
striped cushion, was the long seat that opened out as
her bed each night!

One night I was awakened by a shriek - one of Jean's
Siamese cats decided it wanted to share
Miranda's bed!
Once the surprise passed, they both settled down to
sleep again ... and I did too!
Poppa - of course - never heard a thing! *grins*

The annexe that Miranda loved - and so did the cat!
When we were back at home, the cat would crawl
in under the door and sit in it's "own" chair.

We knew, because of all the fur we always had to
clean off the cushion on each trip :-)

"Oh What Fun With the Mahoneys"
Miranda was always daring Graham to turn the
powerful cleaning hose onto her.
One day as we left the toilet block, Graham did
just that!
With mouth wide open, she looked at me with such
amazement, saying,

"He Did It" ... I'll say he did!
Laughing our heads off we scuttled back to strip
and don a total change of clothes.
Yes - I got soaked too! *Grins*
You are visiting Miranda!


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