Happy Easter at Kelso

Vanessa - 11 years old!  1991
It was to be Vanessa's turn in 1992 - but we were
beginning our trip around Australia in so ...
Vanessa chose May 1991 for her turn ...
"Alone With Us"
We had a Wombat hunt for surprises in place of the
Easter Bunny - she felt this made her visit extra

 The story about the chocolate cake in the photo above
goes as follows:
I decided to bake a cake and Vanessa wanted to help.
I started by asking her for this or that out of the cupboards,
then I saw how her eyes were sparkling as she
breathlessly said,
"This is the first time I have cooked with you Gran"
So there and then I decided it was going to be her cake,
gradually I got her measuring and mixing, she giggled at
my instructions.
ie. Now put a dollop or two of butter in the dish, ah! Just
a speck more - now throw in some sugar, and a splash or
two of milk, some cocoa powder to make it dark, ooh!
Lets make it real dark, put more in.
Mustn't forget the eggs, chuck a couple in, hey
remember, not the shells.
"Oh My Gosh I Thought"
I hope we will be able to eat it for her!
And of course I had no oven, so I used the frypan,
BUT .. I had no idea how hot .. or how long .. before
the cake would be cooked ... Duh!
You can see for yourself, scroll up and take another look,
the anticipation on her face tells it all :-)

I must say I think it was the best chocolate cake I have
ever cooked! *Grins*
After dark we had visitors who ate bread out of her hand,
just look at the trust of these two possums!
Let me tell you - they are not, and never will be tamed;
they are wild but they DO like bread!

Don't you just love the joy on her face!
You are visiting Vanessa!

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