Happy Easter at Kelso

Aldonna - almost 12 years old!
Easter 1991
Aldonna chose to sleep in a pup tent, in the photo above
she was setting up, her favourite Teddy was put out to
get some sun.

No - she was not playing with her childhood teddy, it
was an "All the Rage" teddy.
She was quite a collection addict!

What she and her Poppa loved doing best, and the
sun was so lovely that year!

Quite a Story Here!
Each Easter Kelso had a Round Robin 8 Ball
Competition for both the kids and adults.

Our family do not play - but Jean came over and asked
Aldonna if she would take the place of a child who had
pulled out.

So to save another child from having to drop out too,
Aldonna said yes, even though she had never played before.

Jean gave her a quick lesson and then the competion was
under way - Aldonna - with great concentration started
her turn - see photo!

She didn't last long, but in my book she is a winner, her
caring about another child's needs deserved a medal!
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