*Happy Easter at Kelso*
Although George and I spent each Easter at Kelso, the
family only came the once - after that they moved to Hobart,
down South, and it was too far to come for such a short
visit with three very young girls.

That one time they spent with us coincided with Aldonna's
birthday 19th April.

We planned to make it a fun day - it turned into a real big
event for a little girl.

What excitement - unexpected visitors armed with goodies.

First their cousins - then our friends - known to the girls
as Aunty and Uncle Sloan.

Do visit the Birthday Girl link below *grins*
Time passed and the girls all wanted to spend an Easter
alone with their Gran and Poppa.

We were only too happy to oblige - the links below will show
you each girl, and how they spent their time with the
"Old Fogies"

Or the Wrinklies as the "Grown-up" Aldonna
called us *grins*

By then we had bought our first small camper van in
readiness for our trip around Australia - and to sleep in
that made it more exciting for them!

I do hope you enjoy your visit with us.

Come along and join me at Aldonna's Birthday while
at an Easter Camp.

Then enjoy each girl's "Easter Time Alone"
with Gran and Poppa!


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