My Fairy Glen 

As *Felicity* sits beside the cool waters she weaves
her magic necklace through her fingers.

Each bead represents a friend in need, and she grants
each one, the ability of finding peace
within their heart.


Felicity's friend Goldy helps by sprinkling her fairy dust
where ever she goes, bringing joy to all.

The birds, flowers, butterflies and the trees in the Glen,
all whisper Felicity's grants, so that they may be felt
by those in need.


My Fairy Glen has magic for all - just believe and it
will also weave magic for you!

All you have to do is close your eyes for a moment
and your special fairy will come to you!

You may not know that she is there, but she will be,

If You Believe!


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Midi - Fairytale
Created by LaurieFebruary 2003


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