Awards & Gifts

                                                 I firmly believe that mistakes you make in life, if you are
                                     wise, are good lessons learnt.
                                   If you set your goals too high it appears impossible to
                                      achieve, so I prefer to achieve my goals - one step at a time.
                                   I discovered many new "tricks" in doing a major
                                  overhaul on this site.

                           Awards & Gifts

                                I am so honoured to have received this
                                        Web Master of The Year - 2001 Award

                                        Thank you so much Vera - What a fantastic surprise!
                                        The award will take you to the page as sent to me.

                                          What a wonderful surprise and an honour to receive
                               this "Beautiful Award".

                                    Lindy J. wrote -
The picture on this award is an original oil painting done by
                               a close  relative of mine who has now passed away.
                                         " It is a unique award which I send out to very special sites,
                                           such as your own"

                                I am deeply moved - thank you so much Lindy L

Thank you so much Donna


                                         Thank you so very much Wanda for this Wonderful Award.
I am honoured to receive it.


What A Wonderful Surprise!

                         This most Prestigious Award arrived in my mailbox
                           from Webby!


Webby wrote ...
                          Laurie, we at Webmastership.com are very impressed
                         with your achievements on your many websites.

                       You have an amazing talent and it shows.

                    We present the above award to you now for your talents.
                  Display it with pride on all of your sites.

                    Thank you so much Webby - I am very honoured.
September 2002


                          Thank you so much Healing Waters


                                Laurie's Room  
A beautiful gift from a beautiful Lady - Whisper
                                From the bottom of my heart - I thank you.

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                                                    "Lupus" Tasmania                    
                                I place this "Lupus" butterfly here in memory of a friend
                       who died after many years of suffering with
                  Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

                      Created by L. Seymour

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