The dove of peace flies around the world,
                                     carrying hope to all.

                                     Here I have placed my individual sites and sites
                                      of dear friends.
                                       There is great variety amongst these many links.
                                     Please enjoy!


                                                 SITES SPECIAL TO ME
We all have special places to go, let me take you by the
                                  hand so that you too, can travel along the roads
                                  of my life.

Butterfly Forest
.                                          Stars Galore
                                          A Purple Haze
                                          A Circle of Love
                                           My Heart Speaks
Over the Rainbow
                                          Hello - Lookee Here 


                  Cyber Friends
A whole new World opens up for you when you discover how
                            rewarding a Cyber Friendship can be.
                           I am blest with the ones I have and I hope you have some too.
                           Just reach out and extend a friendly hand.

You won't regret it.

                                      Baseball Chris
                                        Ice Dream's Picture Palace

                                      Rainy Dreams On

                                     Terence Home Page

                                  September 11th 2001
"I Wept With The Eagle"



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