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We have all grieved for America and the World since that terrible
day in September and we would like to provide a page for our
friends to place a paragraph of their own, if they wish, and
also provide a link to a dedication / tribute page
of their choice.
Laurie & Terry

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We invite you, our friends, to send an entry if you wish.
email me the URl.


My heart aches for all the people around the world.
   In spite of all that has happened I believe in ...

Love not hate ...
Justice not revenge ...
and hope ...

Hope that in the dark days ahead we will find a light at the
end of our "tunnel of grief"  and then nature's healing
process will begin.



Laurie -  
"The Eagle Wept"

Terry and Laurie's Blessings

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It has been brought to my attention that my entry may be
I believe America cannot turn the other cheek, they MUST
do something.

But do it for the right reasons, not just to get "your own" back
as some people feel - justice must prevail at all costs.

We in other parts of the world are also involved in fighting, not
just for ourselves but for all countries, this terrible thing
cannot go unpunished.



  28th September 2001

 I would like to add one further comment here:-

As I am not an American, I would not presume to be able to
comprehend the depth of suffering they are experiencing - but
I would like to say that, during those dreadful days, I also suffered
for my American friends.
I stayed with the television coverage all through New York daylight,
which for me, was midnight to dawn.
I cried, I ached, and I prayed for all my friends, each and every one
of them, that they, their families and friends were safe ...

I also do not believe in using the disaster photos for anything
I might write.
They belong to the Americans - I feel it would be in bad taste for
me to use them for my own purposes.


29th September 2001

I have just received this in my email, from Donna in
Queensland - Australia
I would like to share it with you my friends.

Please visit ... The Day the World Cried  



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 Laurie September 2001