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Please take your time and get to know our friends and visit their
great sites.

Terry and I are blessed to have such truly great friends and we
all enjoy wonderful moments together.

Now come along and meet them and call in and say hello to
them all if you wish.


Whisper Maryland

 I was born in West Virginia, moved to Massachusetts when I was 15 yrs
old and finished high school there... then moved to Maryland and have
lived here in this wonderful, diverse, "not too big" State ever since.

It was where I met "the love of my life", and married him.

After 31 years of marriage, I became a widow with three
handsome, and now grown-up sons.

My passions have been handwriting analysis, making porcelain dolls,
learning to make "graphics", webpages and being deeply involved
in my favorite webring "Serenity"

Secret Room
A "Castle" theme featuring original poetry, great graphics, classic
artwork, fairytales, angels, fairies, freebies and more.
Pages of Pure Enchantment!

Serenity Webring
It was through "Serenity" that I met Laurie, now my "cyber-sister"
"soul-mate" and "partner-in-fun" and through Laurie I met
Terry, a gem of a fellow who sends me "mind-boggling-puzzles"
and is just a pure delight to know.

An Interesting Link
A "multi-talented, singularly interesting and completely
fascinating personality with a site to match"



  Welcome to ...

Theda St. Louis


I was born in a very small town in Southeast Missouri. My family moved to
St. Louis when I was 9. I now live in a suburb of St. Louis called Florissant.
I have a wonderful husband of 25 years, two grown daughters who between
them have 7 children (additionally my eldest daughter has 4 stepsons);
and my late son who left three wonderful children of his own that I stay in
close contact with.

My means of entertaining myself is the Internet, creating graphic sets and
web pages, making dolls, porcelain creations and ceramics.
I love a good spy novel or naughty romance and adore Dean Koontz with
his sort of macabre plots.

Theda's Eclectic Pages!
A diverse web site offering a bit of insight into me, my family and
my hobbies.
It also offers a large number of original background sets that I have
created for the general Internet use.
Carousel Graphics
Here I offer graphic sets of my design, for children's web pages.
Good quality children's sets were so difficult to find that I created
my own web site to offer them to others.

Tedi's Doll Pages
A site used exclusively to showcase the dolls that I have created.
I also offer basic instructions for getting started in making
your own dolls.
I am also involved in the Serenity webring it takes a lot of my
time but, well worth it, and I have made some
close friendships.

An Interesting Link
Glass blower extraordinaire
One of the most fascinating art exhibits I have ever seen was the
mouth blown glass exhibit of Dale Chihuly.
He is an extremely gifted designer and has created some absolutely
huge architectural pieces.

You won't want to miss reading the background of this fascinating man.
While you are there you'll get a treat for the eyes as well as the soul.
His work will take your breath away.



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