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We invited our friends to join us and we are
so happy to have them join us here.

There is a wonderful moment in our lives when we experience that
feeling of really connecting to another, which brings such joy
into our lives.

Meet Laurie & Terry
You may be surprised!


To be part of this Club is just so simple, you are our friends and we
would like to think of us all as a "Club"

To add a few words about you and your links here, including a brief
description of your site, would give us great pleasure.

Including a section for you to have updates etc. or your latest news.
Just email Laurie the material and she will do the rest.

P.S. We hope you will like the Smiley we selected for your
email link :-)
Laurie & Terry

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 Laurie   Tasmania

I was born in Victoria - Australia so long ago I do not have enough fingers
and toes to add them up!
But I am due to have my 74th birthday soon ... :-) :-)
About 45 years ago we moved to Launceston - Tasmania, the Island State
of Australia - we now consider ourselves true Tasmanians.
I love the Internet and enjoy making web pages, making friends and
enjoying life.
As a Great Granny I am growing younger every year .. Hmmm!

Enchanted Forest Glade
Enchanted Forest Glade is a the *Keeper* of many of my varied sites,
they needed a place to call *home*
Came into being because of an invitation from Whisper - then a stranger,
to join the Serenity Web Ring.
My inspirational pages needed to be contained with-in a *shell* thus my
Serendipity was born.
Hands Across the World
I was so happy to join Terry in helping him achieve his *dream*
Hands Across the World is "not the end" but an "on-going" site which
resulted in a strong bond of friendship between two people of different
ages, living across the world from each other.
Night Owl
Night Owl introduces you to Me, My Family, My friends, My Country,
My Hobbies - in a "nutshell" All About Me ... LOL



Terry    France

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.
After earning a BA in Human Development at California State University,
Long Beach, I moved to Paris, France in order to marry the woman
of my dreams.
A proud father of two vivacious girls, I am currently teaching English in
the Parisian area.

A place where you can celebrate life by interacting and sharing facets of
your life with others via poetry, videos, special features, pictures,
and great links.

Hands Across the World
Co -Webmaster and Friend share the joys and challenges of creating
and maintaining a magnificent friendship and website over the Net.



Now come along and meet our friends, the link to them is below.

The dove of peace flies all around the world, please take it
with you and help spread peace.


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