Laurie & Sis!
Well we are here - where are the rest of you?

Midi - for you Terry *grin*
Is this how you rode your Mountain Bike?

Come along quickly or you will miss out on a coffee :-)


The Pushbike Song

Ridin' along on my pushbike, honey.
When I noticed you.
Ridin' downtown in a hurry, honey,
Down South Avenue.

You looked so pretty as you were ridin' along.
You looked so pretty as you were singing this song.


Too many things got in the way of further development of this club.
We have all been affected by computer crashes, virus infection,
loss of email facilities, ill health and so on ....
So ...

What do you think of this idea.
I am in touch with all of you and I know what is happening with you.

So - I thought the best way for us to keep this site alive, is for
me to do your updates as I learn of them.

I will post your latest bits of news here, as and when I get them,
I will not breach any confidences etc.

I will just give out general news, such as ...

Laurie has now created a new site you may wish to visit, ok I just
know you can't wait to see it *grin* well - it is not exactly true,
but I will be back again real soon to my "creative" work.


Terry has made our banner and made the audio message you heard
when you arrived here today.
Thank you so much Terry - I am finally letting everyone hear your
"dulcet tones"
I just love it - what do you others think *S*


Do let me know what you think please ...
I will take a "no answer" to mean you have no objections.

Go on - you can do it!

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Midi - Pushbike Song

Laurie - June 2002