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"Precious Memories"

Could This Be Happening to Me!
We decided to keep it a secret until my 21st birthday in 2 weeks
time - a party had been arranged - so the setting was at
the ready.

Guests all arrived expecting to hear some good news - whispers
behind hands saying "I thought there might have been
an engagement announcement *grins*

I made a great show of displaying my birthday gift from George,
we made them wait until suppertime before we made the
announcement and I was able to wear my ring.

I had moved from being the wallflower, to being the first of my
generation in our large family, to become engaged.
I kept pinching myself just to be sure I wasn't dreaming.

Lots of best wishes and photos followed our news.

I think this one shows how we felt, I was asking -
"Where will I cut it?"

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 # 3  The Parents
# 4 Making the announcement & #5 Cutting the cake.

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Midi - Precious Memories
Created by Laurie  - November 2002