Life Becomes More Exciting!

 "Precious Memories"

How It All Began!
Although my social life had improved, inwardly I still could not
trust people.
If someone got too close to me I would pull back, many chances of
having and keeping a friend failed, because I would not - could not
relax and accept they wished to be friends, I thought ...
"There must be a catch in it somewhere!"

I never dated, but sometimes I would have an escort home,
rarely the same boy twice. I would never kiss or cuddle.

I guess an experience I had when I was 16 was mostly to blame.
I was as the song said "Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Kissed"

Going on an errand one day I passed a couple of boys, one called
out to me, 'Hey Bill wants to kiss you'.
For a moment I floated in "BLISS LAND"
Then he said 'He wants to know what it is like to kiss someone
with a hare lip.'
From that moment on boys no longer existed to me, I was a
loner, going to movies alone or staying at home reading.
And so my life was spent this way until I started to go
dancing with a girl from work.

By the time I was 18 my Father ran off with a young girl - he
never even said goodbye.
I never saw him again, this hurt me deeply, eventually my
parents were divorced.
But I still hoped that one day I might just look up and
see him again.

When I was Twenty - Along Came George!

George had been in Japan with the Occupational Forces at the
end of WW2, spending 2 years over there.
It was just after he came home again that we met.
George in Japan -1948
I guess we both found talking about Japan so interesting that
we forgot ourselves and before long we were good friends.

He had managed to do what others could not - he broke down
my barrier - making it tumble very quickly.

After not talking very much - I soon became a chatterbox ...
"I Talked and Talked and Talked"

It was George who, on hearing my name was Lorraine, said
ah! .... Laurie.
I liked it so much I have used it for over half a century :-)
Very soon our friendship blossomed into romance.
He would cycle across the suburbs of Melbourne - at least an
hours ride - to take me dancing etc. bad weather never stopped
him - and for the trip back again after midnight I would fill a
hot water bottle for him to tuck down his shirt.

Ah - young love - how sweet!

 Days rushed by - happiness became my constant companion.
Such joy I had never experienced. 
We joined up with my sister Barbara and her boyfriend
Keith, who later became her husband.

We had many happy foursome hours - dancing was our
preferred recreation and I believe we visited most
suburban Town Halls in Melbourne, pursuing
this pleasure.

"Popping the Question"
To say I was lost for words when George "popped the question"
would be an understatement - I just sat and stared - until
he could not stand the silence, he begged me to say
something - I said yes when I found my voice.

Was this really happening to me!


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Midi - Precious Memories
Created by Laurie  - November 2002