Precious Memories - Midi


Life Beckons Me into Adulthood!

As a Teenager I was a "Slow Starter"

Finding it difficult to be at ease with people was a problem
until I found, by wearing a *mask* I could get out
into the world.

Life then became exciting as I discovered a sense of humour
that had been lying dormant all my life.

I was able to hold my head high and look at people for the
first time - because behind my mask I felt free to
*Be Me*

"Oh Those Wonderful Days"
The midi playing - Precious Memories - I chose because it is so
like the music of my Ballroom Dancing Days.

I had always loved Ballroom Dancing - from the time school
held ball room dancing classes during gym periods.

It was an "all girls" school - luckily I was of short stature
and mostly had the girls role, although we had to take
turns at times in either role.

This was in the era when we wore ball gowns - and oh how
I loved them!

A favourite Aunty gave me my first long dress, an old one that
my mother adjusted to fit me.
With great trepidation I ventured forth with a friend from school.

Most Melbourne suburbs held dancing in their Town Halls and
in those days going with a partner was not necessary.

The "gawky" boys all grouped together one end of the ballroom
and the "giggling" girls at the other end.
When each dance was announced there was a stampede from
the boys, to reach their favourite partner first.

My friend was an instant hit with the boys and I was a
"not so slim wallflower" most of the time.
I learned quickly to "wear" my mask and smile as if I had
not a care in the world.
No one could see the hurt I kept hidden.

I would silently pray that I would get a partner at least for the
Progressive Dance - if a girl did not join in that dance she
might just as well go home :-(

Fortunately I was asked and it was so funny to always see my
next partner's face when he saw me waltzing towards him.
"Oh No!" was written there for all to see.

The surprised comment - "My word you are light on your feet"
was invariably spoken - and my "flippant" reply thrown over
my shoulder as I moved on was .... "Didn't you know fat floats?"

Eventually the boys discovered I was a good dancing partner,
it became known I had a natural talent of being able to
follow all the weird and wonderful gyrations the boys
called dancing.

This "gift" was something I did not know I had for quite
some time.
It made the boys all feel they were "Good Dancers" :-)

Then along came George - after that I never lacked a partner,
we became good friends - a friendship that blossomed into
romance in a very short time.


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Midi - Precious Memories

Created by Laurie  - November 2002



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