Bingo - A Weird and Wonderful World


Remember ~
A Smile is a Curve That Straightens
Straightens Out a Lot of Things!


PAT and MICK were playing *Bingo *Pat kept
looking over Mick's shoulder saying,
"you've got that number "mark it off"
After putting up with this for some time Mick
got annoyed and said, "why don't you do your
own sheet" Pat replied - "I can't it's full"

Two bingo players sit together
Face each other and wonder whether
Thee or me, which one will win
Me I hope will wear the grin.

Husband & wife playing bingo were competing
to see who could call bingo the most.
They were level pegging & both needed number
* 5 * to win.
5 came up so they shared the win.
Therefore even scoring ~
*Not so* wife exclaimed, I said it quicker!


Bingo isn't a matter of life and death, it's
much more important than that.
All bingo games are great. Some are bad.
But they are all great.
The only time you hear an old lady swearing
is when another player calls *BINGO*.
Bingo is like mental jogging.
Being a good loser at bingo is considered
admirable, so long as it is *Some-one Else*
What makes a roomful of people all shout
@#*& !%
Have someone call *Bingo*


I have a good friend who is really quite
She flits and she whirls,
And bounces her curls,
She laughs, she smiles, but it's
not all
for Jackie.


There once was a player from Cloncurry
Who was always in a great hurry
She *dabs* a number too soon
Then feels a buffoon
As she tells the caller *oops!* I'm sorry.


Mental backup in progress ...
If I save time - do I ever get it back?
Why is it - when you always get a line early
when you are playing a *full house* - but
when you play a *line game* you can't even
get near winning?
*STRESSED* spelled backwards is *DESSERTS*.

When a diver has chicken pox -does he come
up to scratch!!
I'm not perfect but I'm so close it's scary.
Nothing is worth more than this day.

A hug is a gift - one size fits all and is easy
to exchange.
A hug a day will chase the blues away.
The best way to say goodbye to a friend is
with a hug.
The nicest thing about a hug is that you
usually can't give one without getting
one back.

All for *hugs* & *hugs* for all!



Bingofun is my name,
Bingo playing is my game.
Win or lose - I don't mind,
I'm with others of my kind.

Ohh! - The magic of hearing "eyes down"
and another game begins!

My first is in ABLE but not in READY
My second is in WIN but not in LOSE
My third is in SING but not in WARBLE
My fourth is in COMING but not in GOING
My fifth is in TOMORROW but not in TODAY

The whole adds up to:-
The answer is at the bottom of this page.

 # 2
Got it? No! ... the answer is on the
Peace & Harmony page.

My New Guest Book I am so sad my other
guest book went out of business with
no warning!


The answer is:- bingo

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