Bingo - A Weird and Wonderful World


Bingo Beginnings .. Did You Know!
A game of chance ~ is a variation of BINGO.
BINGO ~ is a derivative of LOTTO, which in
turn is based on lottery.


Bingo first began in Italy in 1530.
France became interested in 1778. They played the
game with a deck of cards.
In the 1800's Educational Lotto games became popular.

In 1929 a New York salesman first saw the game at
a carnival, it was called BEANO ~ because players
placed a bean on their card.
When he returned home he introduced it to his friends
who became avid fans of the game.
One of his friends became so excited when she won
she stuttered ...
B-B-Bingo ~ hence the name BINGO was born.

TODAY ~ Online Bingo has become a very popular
form of gambling.


Bingo was once considered to be the game of
*Little Old Ladies*
but it is now attracting younger people of both sexes.
Bingo became popular in Australia early in the
20th Century.

It was known as" HOUSIE HOUSIE" and was held in
large marquees before they moved into halls.
It was played on cards and you placed your token on
your card when the numbers were called.
The winner would call HOUSE.
Faster, slicker games are played today ~ but in the
slower life style of yesteryear the Callers would
announce some of the numbers as follows ~~ 

At the beginning No. 1 ... One little duck No. 2
One little flea No. 3 ... Legs Eleven 11
Devil's number 13 ... Two little ducks 22
A duck & a Flea 23 ... Two little fleas 33
A flea in heaven 37 ... Open two doors 44
Clicketty click 66 ... Any way up 69
Two fat ladies 88 ... Top Of The House 90
  Nothing beats the 
BUZZ when you call


Being taken to the "door" but the Caller won't
"open" it, *after all*- I only wanted one more number.
Bingo ticket machines that always give me the
dud tickets.
"Jackpot Chasers"

Have you noticed ~ when Callers make mistakes in
announcing that the next game is on a "green" sheet,
the players all love to shout "your wrong, it's the
"yellow" sheet ~ the callers all invariably say ...
"just checking, making sure you are awake"

My first experience with the call for any number
ending in 2: with bated breath I waited, then the
caller said 62 ...*will this do*
I shouted "IT SURE WILL" & had a fleeting thought,
how did *he* know? ~ how *dumb* can you be!

That Bing Crosby got his name from being called
*Bingo* as a child.
That 'Big Stake' games are also played, bringing in
huge crowds - all hoping to win thousands of dollars
or motor cars!

FACT ~ [found whilst surfing]
Bingo is the World's No. 1 participation game and
fundraiser in Australia alone almost 2 million people
play bingo every month.


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